Our Story

I L M (pronounced eye elle em) Jewelry was first established in 2009, with all designs handmade in Calgary, Alberta, by self-taught, designer, Karyn Bontogon. Born and raised in Calgary, one of Karyn's main focuses is bringing unique & expressive designs, especially to Alberta.
Because some of the first designs I L M created were custom memorial pieces, Karyn decided to go with the name, I L M, which stands for 'In Loving Memory'. To this day, the Signature I L M Bracelet is still highly requested, with its updated version available by custom order.


Jewelry can be a form of art for self & creative expression. It is also plays a part in tradition and culture. I L M's mission is creating pieces that are not only unique but also have meaning or connection behind each design. By using natural stone and specific focal pieces, Karyn hopes to always create something with symbolic meaning behind it, as well as bringing more positivity to one's life.